Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What is Nubianwear?

We are proud to announce the launch of one of the most exciting web sites dedicated to showcasing exotic & erotic fashions for men of color!

By now, almost everyone is familiar with the dozens of male calendars, greetings cards, and even the occasional magazine featuring Black men wearing the sexiest swimwear, male lingerie, and casual wear, but finding out where to buy these creations was almost impossible.

NubianWear is here to fill in those blanks by presenting and selling the hottest male exotic & erotic wear on the net. From ROMANTIC TO OUTRAGEOUSLY WILD, your nubian fantasies!

NubianWear was originally conceived to be launched as a combination entertainment and retail website where you could see some great eye candy as well as purchase the apparel featured on the site. However, this project has undergone several changes and incarnations over it's 3 years of development, and we've decided to launch NubianWear first as an entertainment site only. We will be adding the retail component over time as new apparel becomes available. NubianWear features THE SEXIEST ONLINE VIDEO of hot Black men modeling private lingerie shows just for you!!

Over the next several weeks and months we will add in the retail component and you will be able to buy some of the hottest featured exotic and erotic apparel both from major, brand name labels as well as new designers. Look for EXCLUSIVE NUBIANWEAR MERCHANDISE in the near future!

But there is MORE! Members will get exclusive front row seats to the MOST EXPLICIT, EXCITING MEN OF COLOR LAYOUTS ANYWHERE. Plus, discounts on special merchandise, opportunities to win prizes, and the inside scoop on our hottest models, designers, and other exciting projects we're working on. Click on the image below to visit Nubianwear now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Hole Truth

A humorous look at the hole in men's underwear from a female point of view.

It took me totally by surprise! There we were, sitting around a tiny round table sharing a few bottles of wine after a hard set of negotiations. We'd come to know each other well over the previous few months and the conversation drifted all over the place, the way it does when you throw men and women together in a casual setting.
I was barely listening..."no, we don't use girls really thought we did?" ears perked up. I leaned in as I saw the incredulous look on the face of the recipient of this news. She gasped and I could see that the information he'd just imparted was something that shocked her. "What do you mean you don't use it?? It's in every pair of men's underwear I've ever bought for my husband!! You must use it...". I blinked in surprise...her voice clueing me in to what it was they were saying.

Everyone had stopped talking to watch the exchange and without exception, we women were dumbfounded and the men were dumbstruck (in the interest of being fair, notice I resisted saying the men were just dumb..I almost bit a hole through my tongue resisting the temptation but I just want you all to know how proud I am of me). None of the 4 women there had any idea that the opening in men's underwear was decorative. None of the 9 men there could believe that we'd just learned something that they'd been aware of all their lives.

One of our company, a woman of vast (vast, vast) experience, was more vocal than any of us. She just flat out did not believe it. "I've never seen a man wear anything without a hole in the front unless it was one of those thong pouch things that just make women laugh. I'd know if it was decorative, I've seen a lot of stripped down men in my time!"..her voice carried to nearby tables where I noted that all of the women were looking just as confused as we were. Whispers surrounded us..women confirming this fact with waiters, boyfriends, husbands and lovers. One overwhelming question on all of our lips...WHY??

Why in heavens name would men wear underwear with fly fronts if they never use them? Why, when most of the men at our table declared blushingly (and gawd they looked so cute while doing so) that at times they would have preferred the restriction of a plain front that wasn't so receptive to peek-through when something caught their interest, would men go along with this ruse? Think of how much more it costs to sew those little fake flys or Y openings into underwear! Think of how women have been mislead into thinking that men extract their ummmm selves through that li'l hole, when, in fact they push down and pee over!

The men, being men, tried to turn the conversation to why we wear shoes that squoosh our toes and cripple our backs but we were louder..and we were indignant! All those years of being mislead changed us that night and when we left their company, we were a little wiser and giggling... definitely giggling!

The Wet Look

This clip features an annomymous young twink shakin his groove thang to "Oh Oh" by Hiromi featuring Nao'ymt. His clingy wet 2(x)ist Y back thong gives a clear definition of what he's about to reveal near the end. I think next to Zakk 2(x)ist is the brand I prefer to wear too. Post a comment if you agree!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Dancing Naked...Part Two

Here's a young Asian dude caught on Xtube getting his groove on in an Aussiebum Jockstrap to Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders. Although he does his best to conceal his identity if you watch closely you'll get a look at his face. And that's not all you're gonna get to look at. Happy Viewing but remember this video is of an adult nature so if this offends you please don't watch.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

National Underwear Day 2006

Scenes from the National Underwear Day 2006 event held in times Square.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Underwear Interviews - Anthony

yummy members reveal all about their underwear choices and habits. Watch them in their most awkward moments and be amused by how they dodge questions as they speak about their rather embarrassing underwear habits. These interviews are meant to be fun… all in the spirit of our lingerie obsession.


This "traditional" man still believes in his brief cuts but be amused and find out more about the little naughty things he's done. Find out how he loses his underwear and why he sniffs them.

Wanna see more funny interviews like this one? Visit

Friday, August 04, 2006

National Underwear Day is holding another contest to decide who has what it takes to wear a fresh pair. Winners will be announced live in New York City on August 9th. during National Underwear Day events. Founded in August of 2003, National Underwear Day has since been an event that spreads the Freshpair message that underwear deserves more recognition than it gets. It is a fact that Americans spend more than $13 billion dollars a year on underwear, and Freshpair feels they deserve a lot more recognition than what they are getting. What Freshpair does once a year, is takes underwear out of the drawers and onto the streets, where they can be appreciated by many tourists, residents, and shoppers alike.

If any of you underwear enthusiasts would like to participate in the contest click the link below to select your favorite model (male or female).

It wasn't an easy decision to make but my vote finally went to Harmon. Here he is pictured below in Calvin klein.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Thong Man DanBoy987

If you're into wearing thongs why not check out Dan's video's on YouTube. A relative newbie to You Tube Dan models and describes in detail each of the thongs he's wearing in his videos. Videos are about one minute each in duration. To check out more of Dan's videos just click on the picture link below.

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